Tuesday, April 29, 2014

APA - May 06

Astoria Park Alliance 

meets Tuesday, May 6th

at 6:30 PM at Steinway Reformed Church on Ditmars Blvd & 41st Street.

All are welcome!!!

To ensure the conservation and sustainability of 
Astoria Park for all New Yorkers by empowering public partnerships.

Greetings from The Astoria Park Alliance, Martha and Jules!

The Astoria Park Alliance is creating a stronger organizational structure in order to support a more inclusive, greener vision of Astoria Park. We value your talent, input, and passion. We share your love of Astoria Park. We haven't seen you at a meeting in a while, and we miss you!


[To be updated]
Welcome, introductions, and Thank You for coming.

    Reports and Announcements:
    (@ 5 min each)
    APA equipment storage needs

    Meeting discussion - Board of Advisors
    Monthly membership mixers

    Fundraiser report
    Spring Fling success March 29

    Shore Fest discussion
    Sundays in August

    Astoria Park Conservancy
    Bylaws sample

    Planned meeting with NY4P late April
    Planned meeting with CM Costantinides late April

    New York Cares Day, April 12
    with Jules and Martha

    Fitness Classes / May - Aug
    Zumba @ 1st Sat May-03
    Yoga @ 4th Sat May

    2014 year off for Sing for Hope

    May 21 Vision Zero
    Traffic Safety Workshop

    7:30 - 2nd hour of working meeting
    Fundraiser follow-up
    Press article
    May 13th Mixer

    Mission statement
    Vision statement
    Astoria Park Conservancy

    • Set working meeting agenda for next meeting (5) - Tuesday June

    • Vision Zero Astoria Safety Town Hall 
    • DOT - Weekend Walks [Astoria Park Shore Fest] Aug Sundays 2014
    • Friends of Gantry and Hunters Point Conservancy 
    • UCCA / NY AD 2014 April 03 Town Hall 
    • CB1 meeting 
    • Volunteer dates April 12 and April 26 
    • New York Cares Day April 12 
    astoriaparkalliance.blogspot.com /2014// new-york-cares-day-spring-
    •  May 04 TDFB Bike
    • Volunteer dates May 10 and May 24
    • New York City Parks Commissioner - Mitchell Silver
    • Citibike status
    • May Garbage Can Paint Party 
    • May Weeding Weds at butterfly garden
    • May 30 /June  Outdoor Fest 
    • ...
    • Marketing and branding 
    • Set working meeting agenda for next meeting (5) - Tuesday June


    (@ 5 min each)
    Shore Fest planning
    Membership recruitment

    7:30-2nd hour of working meeting
    20 min - Mission statement
    501c3 mission, vision and goals

    20 min-Q and A


    astoriaparkalliance.blogspot.com /p/2014  
    2014 APA calendar

    nymag.com /daily/intelligencer /2014/03/ citi-bikes-four-huge-problems

    • Meeting Reports:
    • Going Green in Queens [2014 Sept. conf.]
    •  ...
    Playground-utilization-study- NY4P.org

    Feature Photo

    • Old business / New business

    Budget and Planning
    • Safety in the park - Call 311 for any problems or issues

    2014 APA officers
    2014  Fitness Classes and programming


    Monday, April 28, 2014

    Seniors Fitness - Astoria Park tennis [CPF]

    Seniors Fitness
    City Parks Foundation

    Spring Site Schedule: April 28th – June 20th  2014

    www.cityparksfoundation.org /sports/seniors-fitness

    www.cityparksfoundation.org /// 2014/03/ Senior-Fitness-Spring-2014-Schedule .pdf


    Astoria Park 
    Tennis Courts
    21 St & Hoyt Ave S
    Tennis - M/W - 10AM 

    Cunningham Park
    Tennis Courts
    Union Turnpike & 193rd
    Tennis - T/TH - 9AM
    Yoga - T/TH - 10AM

    Flushing Meadows Corona Park
    Tennis Courts
    Meridian Rd.
    Tennis - M/W - 10AM

    Roy Wilkins Park
    Tennis Courts
    Baisley Blvd & 177 St.
    Tennis - T/TH - 10AM
    Yoga T/TH 9AM

    We welcome all New Yorkers, ages 60 and over, to participate in free tennis lessons, yoga instruction, and fitness walking in parks across the city. Activities in this eight-week fitness program take place twice a week.

    Our Seniors Fitness program offers free tennis lessons, yoga instruction, and fitness walking in 14 parks across the city. We look forward to seeing our returning seniors and meeting some new faces.

    View the Spring 2014 schedule here. Registration form coming soon!

    Just like City Parks Foundation’s free sports, arts, and education programs for kids and communities throughout New York City, CityParks Seniors Fitness aims to keep neighborhood parks a great place for community activity. Even in moderate amounts, exercise can help us feel better, maintain or lose weight, reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes, and minimize the symptoms of arthritis. No matter how old we are, our bodies always benefit from physical activity.

    For more information about our free Seniors Fitness programs please call our Sports Department (718) 760-6999. All equipment and instruction is provided free of charge.

    Saturday, April 26, 2014

    Astoria Park Alliance Volunteer Days - April

    The Astoria Park Alliance is proud to launch:

    Astoria Park Alliance 

    Volunteer Days!

    NYCares and APA b Jules

    Forest Hills High School has volunteered!

    APA Volunteer Days are an expansion of our already great partnership with NY Cares and in response to the large amount of requests we get from the public to volunteer in Astoria Park. Volunteer opportunities average twice a month, March through November. Thank you for wanting to make a difference!

    The Astoria Park Alliance works closely with Park Managers to identify need, plan work projects, and facilitate volunteers on the ground. Please email us here at APAgreetings or message us on Facebook if you are interested in volunteering. Please note: minor children (anyone under the age of 18) must be accompanied by a supervising adult.
    Here are the dates for April:
    April 26 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, meet behind the Field House
    Check here and our Facebook page for upcoming dates!
    Please travel lightly, wear work clothes and shoes (no open toes) (layers for weather) and bring water.Thanks for your passion for Astoria Park!

    Volunteer days. We meet behind the field house at 10am. Please dress appropriately and bring water.  Tools and gloves will be provided. 
    April 26 May 10 and 24 June 7 and 21  
    July 5 and 19 -Please note that July 5 is Early Bird Clean up 

    Weeding Wednesdays begin in May.  Meet Jules Corkery at 6:30pm at the Butterfly Garden and learn about the Butterflies,  gardening and indigenous plant species. 

    Astoria Park Conservancy Shore Fest  August 3, 10 and 17

    Thank you, NY Cares, NYC Parks & Rec's Green Teens, Civic Leaders High School, and New Comers High School for volunteering in Astoria Park today. We raked dozens of bags of leaves that were blocking stairways, spilling onto the sidewalks, & stunting the growth of the spring grass. 
    Spring will happen with your help!

    Thank you APA, NYCares, Newcomers High School, Council Member Costa Costantinides for making a huge dent in the leaf pile along 19th Street in Astoria Park